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General Dentistry

Our treatments are evidence based. We use a range of up-to-date clinical criteria to measure disease and assess our patients’ response. This ensures maximal benefit is attained from our treatments. The dentistry of tomorrow is finally here today! Championed by those progressive dentists able to learn new technologies and willing to reinvest their time and substantial sums of money into the latest dental equipment for their patients, and themselves. Like Cerec 3D, digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras, digital OPG, Micro Air Abrasion, and lasers etc.

For Comfort, Care & Convenience:

We have a rigorous cross infection control to protect ourselves and our patients. We involve patients in all treatment decisions. All procedures within the practice comply with current best practice guidelines regarding cross infection. All instruments are cleaned and washed in a special bath, bagged in individual pouches and sterilised in an autoclave between every use. Disposable items are used where ever possible.


The safety of patients and staff is paramount as a provider of dental health care. We follow the current guidelines relating to health and safety as well as complying with COSHH and dental radiation safety systems.


We have the highest infection control standards and ongoing continuing education. We use digital radiography (X-rays). They are safer, better, faster and smarter. Protective eyeglasses are used on every every patient.

Continuing Professional Development:

The field of dentistry moves at lightening speed. At Kensington Dental the philosophy is to exceed the requirement for Continuing Professional Development set by the General Dental Council. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality and standards of our treatments and offer the most effective up-to-date advice, materials and technology.

Clinical Governance:

This refers to a range of activities and systems that ensure the practice delivers a consistently high quality treatment and service to patients. At Kensington Dental we have embraced clinical governance as an ongoing process to ensure you have the most rewarding experience with us.

Intra-oral Cameras:

You can now see what we see with this camera in high definition. You become better informed, and we can detect problems sooner.

Intra-oral Digital x-rays:

We use digital x-rays in most cases to minimize dosages and offer low dose digital x-ray OPGs to visualize the whole mouth in one go, especially useful to plan wisdom tooth extraction, plan implants and diagnose pathology.