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Inlays are custom made by the laboratory to fit inside your tooth exactly. They can be made from gold, porecelain, glass or composite.

Like a crown the tooth is prepared to recieve an inlay. An accurate impression is taken of the tooth and the surrounding teeth, so that the technician has all the relevant information in order to construct the inlay. The denetist will fit the inlay using a bonding cement, so the tooth is restored, and in the case of a tooth coloured inlay you would hardly notice that the tooth has been restored.

What will yout dentist do

Your denetist will:

  1. Remove any old filling material and decay
  2. Take an accurate impression to record the shape of the tooth being repaired
  3. Place a temporary inlay in the tooth whilst your new inlay is being made
  4. A final visit will be arranged for you to have your permanent inlay fitted, adjusted and made completely comfortable

What are the benefits

Inlays are stronger and last longer than regular fillings. They are especially suitable for back teeth and for large repairs to front teeth, where it can be difficult to make a white filling look natural.