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Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

The Sleep Clenching Inhibitor (SCI) Protects Your Smile

Grinding & Clenching of Teeth causes many problems:

  • Damage to your smile
  • Increased wear of fillings and teeth
  • Damage to veneers and crowns
  • Failure of dental implants
  • Headaches
  • Jaw and neck pain
  • Increased facial muscle around the jaw

Many people clench and/or grind their teeth at night whilst asleep and do not even realise it! This is due to a tensing of the jaw muscles bringing the upper and lower teeth under immense pressure. Not only does this cause damage to your teeth but is often the cause of headaches, jaw and neck pain.

Teeth worn flat due to grinding and clenching in a 30 year old

A patient of similar age who does not clench or grind their teeth

How do I know if I clench my teeth?

Do you get head aches or jaw / neck pain especially in the morning?
Have you noticed that your teeth are wearing?
Have you had damage to dental restorations e.g. crowns or fillings for no apparent reason?
Are your temples or jaw muscles tender?
Do you experience discomfort whilst chewing?
Does your jaw make a clicking sound?

If you answered β€˜yes’ to any of the questions, clenching or grinding may be the cause. Your dentist is able to help you, ask about the SCI, made by Solutions 4 Snoring.

SCI Benefits
Treatment with the SCI is non invasive and it is worn only at night. The SCI will reduce tensing of jaw muscles and the risk of:

  • Damage to your teeth
  • Damage to your valuable dental restorations
  • Headaches upon awakening
  • Jaw and neck pains

A patient wearing the SCI mini-splint – A non-invasive comfortable treatment